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Gardani's History

Since 1967 Gardani Family, starting its activity as a slaughterhouse, has been handing down the culture of good food traditions from one generation to another.

At the end of the eighties Gardani Family passed from meat processing company specializing itself in transformation and production of pig, beef and poultry specialties till extending its structure to the 6 plants of today.

Gardani is now a strong reality experiencing a great expansion: more than 150 employees ensure high quality production requisites, thanks to a solid relation with the company and to a continuous training.

During the last years the company attention to the consumers has never changed and we have been rewarded for the authentic traditional methods, fully natural, always in the vanguard thanks to the best innovative technologies. The entire productive process develops indeed according to a triple net made of controls, selections and certifications.

Today we are proud to contribute with our specialties to the prestige and value of Italian market and to the export of “Made In Italy” products in the world.